Social Support Networks When You Stop Smoking

It is much harder to break the habit of smoking than it is to break an ordinary habit, such as biting your nails. Some of the same techniques may apply, such as keeping your hands busy or distracting yourself when you have an urge. But because nicotine is addictive, quitting can cause unpleasant physical and emotional side effects. This is when having a social support network becomes very important.

If you live in Bucks County, we have a smoking cessation program offered free of charge. You will learn many tips and tricks to get through difficult moments and you will receive support from our team of experts.  

Nicotine stimulates the parts of the brain that release chemicals that make you feel good. When you feed your brain nicotine frequently, the nicotine changes the way your brain works, and eventually, your brain will need nicotine in order to release these feel-good chemicals. Your brain has become addicted. When you stop smoking, it can take a few weeks for your brain to return to its pre-nicotine ability to function.

Support options

During this time of withdrawal and “rewiring” of your brain, you should have a wide array of techniques to help you get past the most difficult hurdles and stay on track. At BCHIP, we offer a free Quit Smoking Program with a support system of others who are quitting with you and leaders who have been through it and have “kicked the habit.” Both in-person and virtual sessions are available for your convenience.

Besides our program, which also offers strategies for success, try to line up some allies among family and friends whom you can talk to when cravings arise and you’re struggling to stay on track. Often, your friends can help you by distracting you and reminding you of your “why” – the reason why you want to quit.

If you know someone else who wants to quit, see if he or she would like to quit with you. You could attend the BCHIP sessions together. Working together can make you both stronger. Since you’ll both know the strategies and techniques, you will be able to remind each other of them when you’re struggling and encourage each other through difficult times. 

Other online support groups are available, and you can even harness technology to help you succeed. There are apps to help you quit, sending you regular supportive texts daily to encourage you. Other apps help you track your cravings, triggers, and progress. These are great stats to share with your support system, who can give you kudos for your successes and suggest strategies for getting past the rough patches. 

For your convenience, BCHIP offers two online options and two in-person options in two different locations. Get started with our Quit Smoking Program, build a support team, and be ready for success in your challenge to quit smoking. 


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