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Improving Health ~ Enhancing Lives

The BCHIP Adult Health Clinic is a primary healthcare office which provides the following services for uninsured adults:

  • Medical care for acute and chronic illness      
  • Routine physical exams

Quit Smoking Programs




When all the major healthcare organizations in the county come together to address gaps in health services, we all benefit. This is the power of BCHIP! There are thousands of low-income, uninsured individuals living in Bucks County who do not have access to the services required to maintain their health. These vulnerable residents lack basic healthcare services, in addition to the many other challenges they face. In some cases, access to these basic services would be enough to save the lives of these residents.

BCHIP was founded 24 years ago to address these issues. It functions today as a vibrant collaborative effort, involving all six hospitals, the Health Department, the Medical Society, and several other service organizations…all dedicated to improving the lives of Bucks County residents.

BCHIP’s Mission

To provide a leadership role in Bucks County through a collaborative approach to address gaps in health services and improve the health status of the community.

Our Programs

BCHIP offers a wide range of programs that provide life-saving services. They include our:

  • Quit Smoking Programs
  • Opioid Overdose Survivors Programs
  • Advance Care Planning Assistance
  • Wellness Partnership Initiatives

Click on the links to the left to find out more about our programs and how you can access the services or participate in advancing our mission.

How We Are Funded – And how you can help

We are able to offer these services because of contributions from the six Bucks County Hospitals, The Bucks County Department of Health, Charitable Foundations and, most importantly, the generosity of the Bucks County community. Click here to help us continue to provide life-saving services to our most vulnerable residents.

Our History

Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership (BCHIP) started as a grand vision rooted in a simple concept: if all of Bucks County’s major healthcare providers, its medical society, and its department of health could work together toward common goals, they could have a dramatic impact on the quality of health – and life – of Bucks County’s most vulnerable citizens.

These organizations largely function independently of one another, yet their chief executives still come together 24 years later as our Board of Directors to collaboratively address gaps in our healthcare and human service systems. This is the true power of BCHIP!

BCHIP Founding Members

BCHIP Community Partners