Wellness Partnership


Bucks County Health Improvement PartnershipThe Bucks County Wellness Partnership (BCWP) has worked to provide health education, health promotion, and screening activities in a cooperative, noncompetitive manner for more than twenty years. The coalition includes a wide variety of community partners, including health and human service agencies, drug and alcohol prevention specialists, as well as representatives from all six hospitals and the county health department.

BCWP encourages free and low cost health screenings and educational promotions such as skin cancer screenings, colorectal screenings, Brain Attack Alert (Stroke Assessment), breast examinations, screening mammograms, blood pressure screenings and Domestic Violence Awareness efforts. During special countywide initiatives, thousands of pieces of educational literature are distributed and countless hours of health education and counseling is provided.

BCWP recently established an initiative aimed at reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and behavioral health issues, including the disease of addiction. The stigma currently associated with these conditions is often a barrier to entering treatment and can be an obstacle for patients seeking employment or other social and economic opportunities.

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Kimberly M Everett, BS, MA
Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership (BCHIP)

Phone: 215-710-5079
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