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Volunteer Doctors Care - Upper Bucks Clinic

Volunteer Doctors Care - Upper Bucks Clinic is a program of the Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership dedicated to providing access to medical care in Upper Bucks County.

Prior to March 2008, there were no free clinics serving residents of Upper Bucks County. Low income, uninsured people had no source of ongoing medical care. BCHIP and several dedicated physicians joined together in an initiative to open a free medical clinic. They understood that a free clinic had many benefits including:

  • Providing access to primary medical care and medications on a regular, ongoing basis
  • Reducing the burden of non-emergency care in hospitals' emergency departments
  • Reducing the complications from chronic illnesses (such as diabetes and heart disease) through ongoing medical management
  • Distributing the workload of caring for the uninsured more evenly so that individual physicians are not unduly burdened.

Dr. Gerrianne Burke, an internal medicine physician at St. Luke's Quakertown Hospital and Dr. John Pagan, a surgeon at Grand View Hospital, took on the leadership role in developing the clinic with assistance and guidance for the Executive Directors' of BCHIP and The Ann Silverman Community Health Clinic. In addition, they received strong financial support from two area hospitals - Grand View Hospital and St. Luke's Quakertown Hospital.

The new clinic, called Volunteer Doctors Care - Upper Bucks Clinic or UBC, uses donated clinic space at the Bucks County Health Department office in Quakertown two evenings a week. An enthusiastic group of more than 25 physicians assist in meeting the needs of uninsured patients by volunteering at the clinic or by providing specialty medical services in their own offices. UBC also has the help of nursing, social work and nurse practitioner volunteers; as well as non-medical community volunteers who assist with clerical and operational activities that support the clinic. After four years, UBC has already demonstrated an impact in helping to address the unmet need of hundreds of uninsured residents in Upper Bucks County.

In Fiscal Year July 2011 through June 2012, the Upper Bucks Clinic saw 215 unduplicated patients through 987 visits, a 19% increase over the previous year. 

UBC Steering Committee

Sandra Harris-Corrado, MD, Medical Director

John Pagan, MD, Administrative Director & Founding Physician

Jennifer Ames, Med, Volunteer Coordinator

Sally Fabian, RN, MSN, Executive Director, BCHIP

William O'Toole, MD

Mission Statement

The mission of the Upper Bucks Clinic is to provide free medical care for low-income uninsured adults.

Consistent with our mission, the clinic offers medical professionals and qualified volunteers the opportunity to improve the health of the Upper Bucks Community.



Office  & Wednesday Night Clinic Location

800 W. Chestnut Street

Perkasie, PA 18944    


Monday Night Clinic Location

         Government Services Center

         261 California Road

         Quakertown, PA 18951


Hours of Operation

By Appointment Only

               First and Third Monday Evenings of the Month

               Every Wednesday Evening


For more information about the Upper Bucks Clinic or to make an appointment, call 267-404-7100.